What I Learned In The Newspaper- #1

I love the daily newspapers.  Not only does the hard news make for an informational read, but I always learns something that otherwise would never come to my attention.

Like this.

It’s not easy being a Democrat at the Worm Gruntin’ Festival.

The event, named for a popular method of coaxing worms above ground, takes place in Florida’s conservative Panhandle amid gator kabobs, fishhook earrings and a tent with venomous snakes.

Now I must say in the midst of giving praise to newspapers for broadening my horizons I was dismayed with the Associated Press writers, Bill Barrow and Michael Misak, from not including at least a line or two that begged to be addressed.

People coax earthworms above ground?  And what exactly is a worm grunting demonstration look like?

Still it shows the length that candidates must go to secure votes in conservative areas.



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