New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Could Have Been Classier

This just struck me as bad form.

Many times in politics it is better just to take the high road.  After all, look how it reads in the press if the low road is taken.

Rep. Charlie Rangel once employed Bill de Blasio as a campaign manager, but, after not endorsing him in last year’s mayor’s race, the 22-term Harlem Democrat couldn’t even get a phone call with the new mayor, according to a Politico story from March 17.

Rangel joined de Blasio Monday at the second of two public events focused on the mayor’s plan to build 80,000 new affordable housing units, and preserve an additional 120,000 of them over the next 10 years.

According to a transcript of the event provided by the mayor’s office, de Blasio did not extend any special appreciation to Rangel, doing little more than acknowledging his presence. Also, the mayor twice underscored the youth and vitality of several younger lawmakers before introducing Rangel.

“We’re here with the dean of our New York City congressional delegation, Congressman Charlie Rangel,” the mayor said of the 83-year-old congressman. “Thank you so much for joining us. And, exciting, young, vibrant new member of the New York City Council, Vanessa Gibson.”

Later, the mayor again referred to the newer generation of Bronx lawmakers: “I mentioned the young, dynamic Vanessa Gibson. Also dynamic and the youngest in the City Council – a rising star and someone who’s going to be a crucial partner – I want to acknowledge and thank the chair of the public housing committee of the City Council, Richie Torres. Thanks for joining us. And with that I welcome our Congressman, Charlie Rangel.”

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