What Coffee Maker Should I Buy?

I knew this day was coming.  My Cooks coffee maker is needing to be replaced, and while I am aware of many options are available to make the darn near perfect cup of coffee I am not sure which to select.

Which brings me to writing for my readers to chime in and offer suggestions.

While I do not want to be overly expensive in my purchase I also am willing to spend a bit to get a product that makes for a far better brew than the one I presently own.

Several months ago I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio as the guest talked about a wide variety of options for coffee makers and noted the temperature the water needed to be and that a cup should brew in one minute.  Now I am not sure how much data one has about their coffee maker, and I am not really asking for that information (unless you know it) but am more concerned about getting that flavor and punch from a cup that I get when out and about and buy one.

My days of loving coffee started when I would go to my grandparents across the road from where I lived as a boy.  Grandpa would snack before doing afternoon chores, and since I wanted to help throw the corn to the pigs I would sit at Grandma’s table and ask for some of the coffee that was being served.  I wanted to be like the adults, and so in a cup that was far more milk than coffee I had my first java experience.  Grandma always told me coffee would stunt my growth but in time the ratio of coffee to milk soon ran more in my favor and in time I was drinking it black.

Meanwhile at home my parents had a glass percolator maker that had a metal insert for the grounds.  Regardless of the type of maker or where the cup was served one thing was always constant in my life about coffee.  The best conversations and memories have often surrounded drinking a mug of black coffee.

So now that I have pulled you this far into the need to find a coffee maker for my kitchen………please advise me.

And thanks.



5 thoughts on “What Coffee Maker Should I Buy?

  1. Tom

    You are way too social for coffee maker, and we all know you’d rather go to the shop to chat, so just keep the shoes handy. 🙂

  2. Mark E. Bye

    Deke! if you want the best cup of coffee at home and aren’t interested in being “stylish”, go get yourself an old fashioned electric percolator and a thermal carafe to pour the fresh-perked pot of java into (so it doesn’t burn). After going through a myriad of coffee makers, I went “old school” a couple years ago and have never looked back!

  3. Alinka

    Mainly tea drinker here, so I can’t give an advice, but my other half does coffee – plain good old “M.Coffee”, glass carafe, reusable filter, run a solution of 50/50 -water/vinegar thru it every month to clean the inside part. Works just as great as the fancy ones, imho.

  4. Barry Fernelius

    You’ll need: 1) a kettle for boiling water, 2) a coffee cup, 3) a stove (all items that you probably have already), 4) a good quality whole bean coffee 5) a conical burr grinder 6) a cheap Melitta® Pour Over Single Cup Brewing Cone. Using the stove, boil the correct quantity of water in the kettle. Grind the correct amount of coffee with the burr grinder. Put a filter in the pour over cone, add the coffee, and put the cone on the cup. Once the water is just boiling, take it off the heat for a few seconds. Then, pour the water into the pour over cone.

    Simple, fast (it doesn’t take long to boil the water for one cup of coffee), and perfect every time.

  5. Alinka

    Thank you, Barry. That’s a nice simple solution.

    For Deke’s industrial level coffee consumption probably not so much – he would need to Burr coffee beans 7 times a day 😉

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