What Is Wrong With This Poll?

What was the first news outlet you used this morning?

  • Internet

    Print newspaper




    Other – Please explain:

    So here is my problem with this poll that appeared on my online newspaper web site.  Now granted this issue does not rise to the level of the war in Syria or how to remove Scott Walker from office, but still it seems rather glaring enough to merit a posting on my blog.
    I wake up every morning and the first thing I turn to for news, weather, and information is the radio.  One radio is located in the headboard of the bed and it is a natural reaction to tune into the world via AM radio.  I have been doing that since in my mid-teens.
    I can not be so in the minority of still turning to radio for news that a listing like that above does not even include the medium!  Right?

3 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With This Poll?

  1. Solly

    um, yeah, you are in the minority. only time I listen to the radio is in the car, or horseless carriage as you probably still refer to it 🙂 you could always use “Other – explain” along with the folks who still use carrier pigeon, smoke signals or telegraph

  2. Pkarm

    I remember in the 60’s and 70’s turning to the radio to get 15 mins of local news and 15 mins of Paul Harvey, but over the years the radio is less influential as a news source as more and more stations go to talk radio or sports talk radio with heavy automation of the stations.

  3. But stations like WBBM Newsradio 780 is still the place on the dial for news in the Midwest–just to name one. In relation to music there is a need for some changes….consider if AM transmissions could be improved to the point where the quality was equal to, or slightly better than, FM transmissions today? The Federal Communications Commission has approved digital broadcasting for U.S. radio stations–so things are moving to again allow for music to a huge factor with AM stations.

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