Candidate Brett Hulsey Unveils Jobs Plan

Hidden among the other news stories this morning was the apparent jobs plan that Democratic candidate for governor Brett Hulsey wants us all to be aware of as we ponder his political fate.

As nomination signatures were turned in for the races to be decided in both the primary and general elections this year came the news that Hulsey needed extra help in getting his papers circulated.

Hulsey acknowledged paying homeless people with felony convictions $13 an hour to collect signatures for him, but said they were no longer on parole.

I think it grand that homeless people were able to find a part-time job, and Hulsey was able to put them to work.  One has to ask, however, if all those who did circulate papers were legally able to do so as there is no way that anyone can take Hulsey’s word.

Since there is no political base that Hulsey could turn to for support in getting his signatures he resorted to whatever he could find.    All this just underscores the ridiculous nature of his theatrics, and also those who for whatever reason signed his papers.

No one can possibly think that Hulsey has the mental stability to be a candidate much less the top elected official in the state.  The issues we face from education, health care, and real job creation are too serious to sign anyone’s papers who does not posses the potential to be someone who can move our state forward or who we can be proud of when it comes to our political process.

There are clearly some serious personal issues at the center to Hulsey’s behavior.  Equally troubling is that others encourage him and use him as a public fool by signing his nomination papers.  That is not in the best interest of our state, and certainly not in the best interest of a very troubled man.

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