Governor Scott Walker Family Divided Over Gay Marriage Rights

There is no way not to smile about this story.

An official state record shows Alex Walker, son of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a UW-Madison student whose Facebook page lists him as an intern with the Republican Party of Wisconsin, signed as an official witness to the same-sex marriage of Shelli Marquardt and Cathy Priem on June 9th in Waukesha County.

First, it is a sign that even in conservative homes like that of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker the national fight for civil rights for same-sex marriage has made inroads.  Everything we have done over the years is bearing fruit!

It also might show that Walker is doubly serious about his political future, namely a presidential race for 2016.

At a time when Walker’s long-stated opposition to gay marriage is now seen as a relic from the past, given the national acceptance of making sure all people are treated fairly with marriage laws, means he needs to embrace forward-thinking ideas, even if done with baby steps.

So making sure there was press coverage of his college son standing up for same-sex marriage and civil rights allows for some room and cover as the state is embroiled with court cases about the issue following a federal judge’s ruling that a state ban on such unions was unconstitutional.

Walker can continue to say quiet, as he has been doing, but the image builders know how the game is played at this level in politics.  The trouble is that for many who know how ardent Walker fought against the rights of loving couples to wed will not be undone with political spin.  There needs to be an accounting for the bigotry from Scott Walker when it comes to his lack of support for gay civil rights.

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