Celebrating 125th Birthday For Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has a different look today as the front page is yellow and looks dated in that wonderful nostalgic way that not only catches one’s attention but also makes for a smile.  In celebration of their  125th anniversary the newspaper reprinted the front page of the first edition of The Wall Street Journal from July 8, 1889.

What a great way to observe the day and be mindful that when it comes to those who make sure we are free and informed there are none who can make more of a claim to that goal than the newspapers and the reporters who have faithfully reported the news.

I grew up in a home with a daily paper and have read at least one every day in my life since becoming an adult and moving away from Hancock.  There is a warm feeling when I sometimes hear the thud of the papers in the morning landing up against the front door and falling to the stoop.  I still love the smell of the papers and the endless ways they enrich, inform, and educate.

On this special day for one of the powerhouse papers in the nation hats off and all the best in the decades to come!




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