Local Elected Madison Officials Deserve Praise

I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks on behalf of our local neighborhood for the time and effort that John Coleman, Ann Walker, Michael Soref, and Alderperson Marsha Rummel took last night to impart the views of the Marquette Neighborhood Association to the city concerning the development at 706 Williamson.

Though the city did not the see the wisdom of the unanimous decision from the MNA on this matter  I think it important for all to know these four people stayed for hours at a meeting so to participate and argue for the ideas that many here feel deeply about.  It was heartening to see even at a late hour when many were tired and likely hungry that these folks expressed and fought for the vote that was taken at MNA and the desires that had been expressed over the months about this matter.

I certainly am one who openly expresses an opinion on the topics of the day but also strongly feel that thanks are required for those who take those extra steps to be engaged in the process of government by running and getting elected and then serving their constituents with sincerity  That was certainly the case last night with John, Ann, Mike, and Marsha.  They did us proud.

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