Ronald And Dolores Disher Case Takes New Turn In Portage County


This was not unexpected given the way Delores Disher presented herself in court several months ago.  It was only a matter of time until the screws turned.  CP continues to follow this case and thinks there is much more of a story to be told.

Everyone knows there is a body–or two if you count the missing son–that have been discarded somewhere and it is only a matter of time until someone talks.

Keep turning the screws until the answers start flowing.  Better yet put Delores in a room with Nancy Grace for an hour and case solved!

An Almond woman involved in a Social Security fraud case who previously was found unfit to stand trial will undergo a new evaluation to determine whether she is able to face the charges filed against her.

Portage County Circuit Judge Thomas Flugaur on Wednesday ordered a new evaluation for Dolores Disher, 71. Portage County Assistant District Attorney Cass Cousins said the evaluation will be completed by the Wisconsin Forensic Unit, a group of examiners under contract with the state Department of Health Services, and a hearing on the results of that evaluation will be held July 28.

Disher’s previous evaluation was performed by medical expert Richard Hurlbut of Mid Wisconsin Psychotherapy Associates in Waupaca, but Cousins said Hurlbut recently passed away and a new expert will be assigned.

Disher, her husband Ronald Disher, 73, and her brother Charles Jost, 67, were all accused of cashing the Social Security checks of Dolores’ and Jost’s mother, Marie Jost. Investigators contended that the Dishers and Charles Jost defrauded the Social Security Administration of $175,000 by cashing Marie’s checks over the course of several years.

In April, Flugaur sentenced Ronald Disher to 54 months in prison for helping cash the checks and for attacking a Social Security Administration agent who was investigating the matter. At Ronald’s sentencing hearing, Dolores showed up to the courtroom and was allowed to speak with her husband. Former Portage County Assistant District Attorney Veronica Isherwood said at the time she planned to file a motion to re-evaluate Dolores’ competency, pointing out that she appeared to speak in a normal manner and recognized one of the court deputies when she was in the courtroom.

On Wednesday, Cousins said Dolores, who currently is living with family members, would face her original charges if found fit to stand trial.

Jost, who faced the same charges as his sister, was found not guilty by mental defect in December 2013 and committed to the state Department of Health Services for 16 years and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. In February, Jost was deemed eligible to be released into a community supervision treatment program.

The investigation was one of the most expensive ever undertaken by the Portage County Sheriff’s Department, with a cost of more than $34,000.

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