Caffeinated Politics Is 8 Years Old Today

And I am 52.

This was the way this blog started way back when…..and please note with sadness how the words from July 14, 2006 still apply today.

6 thoughts on “Caffeinated Politics Is 8 Years Old Today

  1. Solly

    Congratulations on the anniversary of Caffeinated Politics. I really admire your dedication. And it is sad that the subject of your first post could have been written today. I’m afraid the bullheads in leadership in the region will drag the innocents into an irreversible course. But the average person has always been fodder for the “strategic” thinkers. Is the commentator on your first post Henry X D? Another memory.

  2. Alinka

    Congratulations on CF anniversary and Happy Birthday to you. Many more interesting, productive and fun years to both 🙂

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