Where Is Conservative Outcry Over Gov. Walker Buying Rail Line?

One thing can be said about Governor Scott Walker that can not be disputed.   He only uses his conservative points of view when it meets his needs.

Governor Walker turned down federal funds for a train project in the state shortly after taking office, and even turned down federal funds for health care purposes.  The conservative thinking is that the federal government should have boundaries in what it does or expects of the states, especially when it comes to states picking up additional costs for programs.

Recently Walker has backed away from his long-held view that marriage should only be between a woman and a man. He now wants to not discuss the matter as there is no more political  traction to be had from his point of view.   The social winds are stirring and he needs to seem to match the times in which everyone else is living.  Walker seems totally at ease with flexibility to his principles.

For all of my life there has been the continual drumbeat that government should not do what private industry is capable of doing for ‘less money’.

Which is why the news about Wisconsin buying 70 miles of rail line for $30 million, with the total support and blessing of Walker, seems so interesting to me.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation signed an agreement to buy the line, from Reedsburg to Madison and from Madison to Cottage Grove, from the Union Pacific Railroad.

Perhaps even more perplexing is the lack of Republican angst and uproar that would seem to herald any such action had it even been simply proposed from the Democratic side of the aisle.

While I agree with the role of government for the purchase of the rail line and know it will benefit the state does this action not fly in the face of all the principles and rhetoric we so often hear about from conservative Republicans?

Or are the principles to be employed only when convenient?

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