Simple Question About Gaza

As of Friday there were 300 deaths in Gaza. 3/4ths of those were civilians and of that number 1/4th of those were children. Once again lack of proportionally from Israel is clear for all to see. Is it any wonder why there is hate in this region?

2 thoughts on “Simple Question About Gaza

  1. Pkarm

    Simple answer the people of Gaza stand up to the terrorist group Hamas who use women and children as shields and they could live in peace, lets remember who started this current problem and start focusing on that instead of blaming people who are simply defending themselves.

  2. Tom

    Isreal employs far greater restraint and takes far greater risks to avoid civilian casualties than other nations engaged in urban warfare. More than the Americans in Faluja, for example. Unrestrained, Isreal would burn Gaza from end to end–and perhaps they should. On the other hand, Hanas–a terrorist organization–makes constant use of human shields.

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