Governor Scott Walker Takes A Walk On The Swampy Side

One should not wade into the swamp unless one wants to get into the muck.

Seems since last week Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s use of Trek Bicycles for his partisan purposes has backfired.

What I just do not understand when it comes to the Walker campaign thinking this issue was a great idea is that the very Achilles Heel for Walker’s first term is his lack of credibility when it comes to job creation.  So for the Walker campaign to undermine an actual job creator who pays Wisconsin taxes strikes me as most odd.  And politically clumsy.

Perhaps Walker is just tired and not thinking straight since he has so much attention directed at his Potomac Fever.

But regardless of the cause of his lack of attention to his campaign for election this fall there is one thing that is certain.  More and more names can be added to those who think the Trek Bicycles ploy was wrong and fell flat.

The Wall Street Journal also thinks Governor Scott Walker is on the wrong side when it comes to Trek Bicycles.

A writer for the conservative Wall Street Journal’s opinion page has published a piece criticizing GOP Gov. Scott Walker for his TV ad accusing his Democratic foe, Mary Burke, of profiting from Trek Bicycles’ outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to the low-wage nation of China. Burke is a former Trek executive whose family started and runs the company. 

Allysia Finley, an assistant editor of, accuses Walker’s campaign of channeling Team Obama for the president’s attacks on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on outsourcing in the 2012 election. 

“We normally associate criticism of outsourcing with Democrats, but Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a reminder that Republicans aren’t above playing the ‘Benedict Arnold CEO’ card themselves to fan populist furies,” Finley writes.

One thought on “Governor Scott Walker Takes A Walk On The Swampy Side

  1. While I greatly appreciated the Burke Campaign’s response commercial, I was a bit dismayed that some key information was not presented. The head of Walker’s ethics-challenged WEDC (the agency that supposedly would create jobs and has, instead, given grant money to Walker supporters — without benefit of additional jobs generated) has said outsourcing “is a part of economic life.” Then there’s the fairy tale job awarded to a key (and intimate) Walker supporter, someone who DIDN’T APPLY FOR THE VACANCY but got the job anyway — at a huge raise in salary (more than was indicated when the job vacancy was posted). Why recruit for the vacancy when Walker supporters have the “inside” advantage? Tommy Thompson was known to play this game, but at least there was a chance for others to get state jobs. Walker seems to want them ALL to be patronage positions.

    Back to the current issue: If outsourcing of jobs is acceptable for the Walker Administration, how can that logically become a Burke negative? Maybe there’s a belief among Walker’s True Believers that conservative philosophy fueled by Koch Brothers money will overcome obvious lapses in logic and ethical behavior. Either that, or Wisconsin voters are considered to be idiots and lap dogs who will vote for Walker regardless of what he does.

    Sorry for the partisan-flavored comments, but I’m a native of this state. I have always been proud of its heritage of clean government. With Walker taking over, there’s just not a whole lot to be proud of anymore — and that’s directly attributable to Walker, his supporters, and the continued pathological mean-spirited Tea Party politics that seem hell-bent on hurting the majority and rewarding their own.

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