A Good One Wins National Election, Joko Widodo Has The Common Touch

I am truly pleased that Joko Widodo has prevailed in the Indonesian elections.  There was never a time when I thought it possible he could win as the odds seemed stacked against his victory.

Jokowi, as how the nation has come to know Widodo, won more than 53% of the vote, or some 8 million more votes than his rival, former general Prabowo Subianto.

Throughout the election be the story about his race come in words through newsmagazines or with video from a source such as PBS one thing was most evident.  Joko Widodo  was smart but not taken with himself.   Humble and yet sure of a desire that his nation could have a most open and transparent election, and that a person without a military title or a long pedigree could win.

And Joko Widodo did just that.

If we are use to beaming and often self-congratulating politicians I urge my readers to take note of Widodo only wearing a slight smile as he stood to hear the final results of the election tally.

I am sure the world has not heard the last of this man who may be able to teach all the world a thing about leadership and humility.

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