Come On Gary George!

I can not say surprise is the emotion that comes from reading the latest antics from congressional candidate Gary George.

Even though I was taken aback that George would mount a challenge to Congresswoman Moore I also had hoped at some level he might have found some inner compass to better guide him if he indeed did want to venture again into the public arena.  That is the eternal optimist inside that hopefully will never cease to drive me.

Whatever limited hope I had in that regard, however, has simply vanished after the latest news was reported about someone I once admired.

More than a week after convicted felon and former state Sen. Gary George was expected to disclose who is funding his longshot bid for Congress, he has still not done so.

Until George files the report, voters will not find out who, if anyone, is backing his longshot bid to unseat U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, a Milwaukee Democrat.

In an abrupt phone interview Wednesday with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, George declined to explain himself, telling a reporter he had no time to talk and would only take questions by email.

“I’ve got to go,” George said.

By email, George’s campaign was more pointed.

“This is what you want to right (sic) about? Seriously? Keep up the good work, you are so on top of political issues,” an unidentified campaign representative wrote in response to a reporter’s questions.

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