Tight Race For Wisconsin Governor Says Marquette University Law School Poll

If you are a politico in Wisconsin then one thing is most likely true.  You (and I) have been waiting for the latest polling numbers from the Marquette University Law School for quite some time and pondering what they will show.

I was a bit surprised this weekend when one of the women who walks by our home for exercise mentioned her interest in what the poll would show in the race for governor.  She had never been one I would have pegged as overly political but her conversation was just another sign of the heightened level of attentiveness people are giving to an election with real serious consequences.

It is not clear to me if the Trek campaign flap is too new of a topic for the average voter to have absorbed for this poll.  But it seems fair to suggest that internal numbers for  Scott Walker were weak enough that he felt it in his interest to take up the Trek fight that has created more controversy than (one can assume) positive gain for his cause.

While the attack on Trek is pure politics the fact Walker has undertaken such a tactic might very well provide insight into what his campaign fears is jelling among the voters. After all it was Walker’s job creation agency, WEDC, which held Trek up as an example of a good Wisconsin company just a year ago

Marquette’s previous poll was conducted in May. It showed Republican incumbent Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke tied among registered voters.  And with results today there shows a continued slugfest will unfold for every voter across the state as the poll results are tight.

Today’s Marquette Poll Results:  Among registered voters if the 2014 election for Governor were held today, would you vote for Mary Burke or Scott Walker?

Burke 44.8
Walker 45.8

 Among likely voters, Burke led Walker, 47%-46%.


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