Character Front And Center In Montana John Walsh Senate Race

There is a time for politics.  And then there is a time to just state plainly what needs saying.

Such as now when it comes to the matter of Sen. John Walsh.

There is no way that anyone with an ounce of honor can stand aside and pretend it does not matter that Walsh substantially plagiarized his master’s thesis at the U.S. Army War College.   How one could do something like this and then not confess the fact in some way over time is just staggering for me to think about.

But then I, like most of my fellow citizens, have (and we all say so with humility) a dose of honor. Some more, some less.

But there is no way that Walsh can look his constituents in the eye knowing full well that as has been reported roughly two-thirds of his 2007 thesis on Middle East policy was lifted from previously published works, either verbatim or by giving credit in the footnotes but not using quotation marks, and then ask for their votes.

As a way to address this matter a spokesperson for Walsh said that while the plagiarism happened it was not intentional.

No.  Just plain no!

I write many words here each week, and when it comes to lifting copy I add a link and also italicize the portion written or spoken by someone else.    There are no shortcuts here or when writing a thesis.

Simply put there is no room in the United States senate for someone who plays so loose with basic common sense let alone the obligation to accurately cite the sources that are used when writing a thesis.

I know full well what the lack of a Democratic victor in Montana come this November means for national policy making in Washington.

But the matter at hand when it comes to Walsh is not something that can be accepted, forgiven, or abided.

That is just how I feel, and I suspect I am not alone.

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