Dolores Disher ‘Too Sick’ For Evaluation

And the miniature violins play.   She knows too much to be answering questions.  Let us cut to the heart of the case.  Delores Disher is charged with theft by fraud, forgery, unauthorized use of others’ personal documents, and mail fraud. All those counts are felonies.


Prosecutors hoped to learn Monday whether one of three people accused of cashing a presumably dead relative’s Social Security checks — one who had previously been ruled unfit — was now well enough to stand trial.

That decision will have to wait until September.

Defense attorneys for Dolores Disher, 71, of Almond told a circuit court judge Monday that an evaluation on whether or not Disher was fit to stand trial couldn’t be completed because Disher was sick and in a hospital. Disher, her husband Ronald Disher, 73, and her brother Charles Jost, 67, of Amherst, were accused of cashing the Social Security checks of Dolores Disher and Jost’s mother, Marie Jost. Investigators contended that the Dishers and Charles Jost defrauded the Social Security Administration of at least $175,000 by cashing Marie Jost’s checks over the course of several years.

Although her body has not been found, authorities believe Marie Jost is dead because she would be more than 100 years old and she hasn’t used her federal medical benefits since 1982. Theodore Jost, Dolores Disher and Charles Jost’s brother, also has not been seen for several years and is believed to be dead. He would be 76 years old if alive today.

Portage County Assistant District Attorney Cass Cousins said he still plans to seek a competency evaluation. A new court date has been set for Sept. 2.

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