Politicians Fear August

Short and to the point analysis of the political landscape as we prepare for August.

As Congress races to finish its paltry to-do list before leaving town for five weeks, there’s a feeling of unease among wise lawmakers in both parties. They’ve had all summer to address critical hot-button issues like the crisis at the border, but they’ve failed to do so in a meaningful and serious way. They know that the August Congressional recess has a habit of causing trouble. The anger that fueled the rise of the Tea Party came alive during a summer break. (It’s the biggest reason town meetings have become nearly extinct for most lawmakers who believe it’s simply not worth the risk.) Will immigration be the issue of August? Or will it be something else? The members of Congress know that they have little control over what flares up during the summer break. Even though they took the safe approach in Washington, that is likely to do little to insulate them from getting an earful back home.


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