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Is David Gregory Headed To CNN?

August 4, 2014

It comes as no surprise that I have a dim view of how David Gregory has handled his duties with Meet The Press.  I have been honest and that might sting.  But so be it.

But I am not against Gregory per se, but rather what he allowed to happen to a venerable news program.  Like many others Meet The Press was once must watching to get a sense of how Washington was thinking.   Many weeks ago I stopped watching as there was no way I could tolerate the implosion any longer.

But I did note this week what Gregory is perhaps designing as his parachute should he jump from NBC.

As rumors swirl that David Gregory could be replaced as host of “Meet the Press,” the embattled anchor may already be lining up his next move: He was seen meeting at CNN Thursday.

Sources have said that Gregory’s days at “Meet the Press” are numbered, with ratings down, but that NBC would likely wait until after the midterm elections to make any change. But multiple sources told us that the former NBC White House correspondent was seen in CNN’s building Thursday afternoon, signaling he could be prepping a move himself.

A move to CNN would make sense, sources told Page Six, since the anchor enjoyed close ties with former NBC honcho Jeff Zucker before the exec took over at CNN Worldwide last year.

  1. jhosk permalink
    August 16, 2014 7:29 PM

    I agree that Chuck Todd is a lightweight and will not be much of an improvement on Gregory. I also was very much opposed to the Gregory hire from the get-go. I recall Al Neuharth, the USA TODAY founder, suggesting after Russert`s demise, that NBC make a bold move and select Bob Costas as the new Meet the Press host. I liked that suggestion then and still very much like it. Al, who passed in April 2013, was an American original.

  2. Solly permalink
    August 14, 2014 2:44 PM

    did you see Chuckie Todd (as Morning Joe calls him), will be the new host? It’s confirmed. Previously, from Daily Kos:
    Mon Aug 11, 2014 at 09:29 AM PDT.

    OMFG! Chuck Todd May Replace David Gregory on Meet the Press – LMFAO!

    keepemhonestFollow .


    Politico is reporting that Chuck Todd might be the one, already picked, to replace that imbecile, David Gregory on Meet the Press.

    The move is an effort by NBC News President Deborah Turness to restore passion and insider cred to a network treasure that has been adrift since the death in 2008 of the irreplaceable Tim Russert.
    I am LMFAO! Meet the Press will go from awful to worse.
    I don’t see how Chuck Todd, who once said ‘it’s not a reporters job to educate the public with facts when Republicans lie’ will possibly be able bring Meet the Press out of it’s Sunday morning death spiral.

    From Talking Points Memo:

    During a segment on “Morning Joe,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) speculated that most opponents of the Affordable Care Act have been fed erroneous information about the law. Todd said that Republicans “have successfully messaged against it” but he disagrees with those who argue that the media should educate the public on the law. According to Todd, that’s President Barack Obama’s job.
    “But more importantly, it would be stuff [LIES] that Republicans have successfully messaged against it,” Todd told Rendell. “They don’t repeat the other stuff [TRUTH] because they haven’t even heard the Democratic message. What I always love is people say, ‘Well, it’s you folks’ fault in the media.’ No, it’s the President of the United States’ fault for not selling it.”
    Yeah, I get that it was hard to replace Tim Russert because Russert held his guest’s feet to the fire and rarely let rhetoric get in the way of Russert educating his viewers with facts. .

    I also get that whoever thought David Gregory would be a good replacement for Russert was wrong as hell. Similarly, whoever thinks Chuck Todd will be the recipe for Meet the Press to increase ratings is equally wrong.

  3. jhosk permalink
    August 8, 2014 7:06 PM

    I wish he would be hired by Fox. Then I would not have to see David at all. I like CNN. Is stunning how Meet the Press has been diminished since Tim Russet`s demise.

  4. Mark E. Bye permalink
    August 5, 2014 7:41 AM

    Jump? I think he’s going to be pushed! Dancin’ Dave… the king of the false equivalency… will fit in comfortably at Fox Lite.

  5. August 4, 2014 6:41 PM

    Going, going, gone? I hope so.

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