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Another Autopsy on Michael Brown To Be Conducted

August 17, 2014

The level of intensity to make sure the investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown was ratcheted up today with the announcement of another autopsy.

The federal government will perform their own autopsy on the unarmed teen shot dead by local police in Ferguson, Missouri.  The feds have already opened up a civil-rights investigation into the case which has sparked outrage in the black community across the country.

There seems to me a need also to have a special prosecutor that can step in–and perhaps better stated as stepping over the local DA–to make sure that justice and a complete investigation is conducted.  Nothing that has happened on the local level in Ferguson up to this point has allowed for those of us who watch this story from around the nation to have any degree of trust in their competency.

It only makes sense that everything is done to make sure that competent people run the investigation and make the calls for how justice can be obtained.

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