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David Gregory Paid To Stay Quiet

August 18, 2014

It comes as no surprise that David Gregory was not my favorite Sunday morning anchor of a news program.  To put it frankly, there is no way to forgive him for taking Meet The Press down to a level that it seems is almost a shadow of its former power-house days.    Often I have posted about my feelings for this show, and the displeasure I took from watching Gregory not ensuring the program remained credible.

I am hopeful, and even dare I say excited, that NBC White House Correspondent Chuck Todd will take over hosting the Sunday morning show in September.  I have long thought Todd to be deeply rooted in not only the stories of the day, but also in the underpinnings of national politics and the workings of Washington.  He is bright and capable, and I trust his interviews will bore deep and allow once again for the Monday morning newspapers to write about news that was made on Meet The Press.

Meanwhile Gregory exits NBC with a tidy sum, a portion designed to make sure he does not talk unfavorably of his former employer.

Ousted “Meet the Press” anchor David Gregory was paid $4 million to leave NBC and signed a contract not to speak out against the network, sources told Page Six.

Gregory, 43, who moderated the show for six years, was unceremoniously dumped from the political program on Thursday after dismal ratings and months of speculation about his departure.

A source said Gregory’s contract extended into next year, so NBC had to pay him for the rest of the term, plus an extra fee to ensure his silence.

  1. Solly permalink
    August 19, 2014 2:31 PM

    you are not being consistent Deke (NEWS FLASH for anyone who’s read this blog). We’ve had discussions about printing pablum press releases (Ed Brooks, “voting fraud by students is rampant,” and printed word for word in the Baraboo Bumfork News with no questions asked or evidence provided, or Marc Lovicutt (WISC) letting the Repugnant PR flack/hack repeat the lie on-air that Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse signed the recall petitions “because it was reported on a Milwaukee station” but have NO problem with “it’s not a journalist’s job to call a politician out on his bullshit” and broadcast it. That’s not the Tim Russert standard, and Todd said it explicitly.

  2. August 19, 2014 10:26 AM

    First, having differing opinions on matters keeps things interesting. And second when it comes to a being a journalist and reporter there is no doubt that Todd is first-rate and a professional. I am not looking for a political advocate in the job of moderator, nor am I suggesting you are. Simply put from my perspective I like solid journalists, and I know Todd fits that bill. Give this some time and I assure you there will be opportunities with future posts to gauge Todd’s performance.

  3. Mark E. Bye permalink
    August 19, 2014 7:19 AM

    OMG, Deke! If you are, in fact, “excited” about the fact that Chuck “It’s Not My Job” Todd is taking the helm at MTP, you’re part of the problem. You’ve apparently not been paying attention these past years as Todd has built a solid reputation amongst the beltway media elite with his constant fascination with the false equivalence. I’ve got to say I’m really disappointed in you. And as far as Meet the Press goes, we’ll be revisiting this again very shortly. If NBC really thinks Todd is the answer to their ratings problem, they have absolutely no grasp of what the question is.

  4. jhosk permalink
    August 18, 2014 9:37 AM

    Thanks for the inside “poop.” Is why I monitor this site.

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