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What Russian Putin Thinks As Important As What He Does

August 29, 2014

Articles have been written during the past many years about the vision that Russian President Putin sees for himself, and what his country should once again become.

In the newspaper this morning it was reported that once again–the second time this year–Putin has used the term  “Novorossiya.”   When I read the word I sat up straighter in the chair.  The word will have  meaning for the combatants in Eastern Ukraine will know it very well.

The word literally means “new Russia”, and in fact it is a czarist-era term.  Since Putin fancies himself with the need to be czar-like and desirers a larger-sized and more bold and ‘out-reaching’ Russia means that the use of the term should alert all to his intentions.

Using the term “Novorossiya” underscores what might well be in store for Southern and Eastern Ukraine where ultra-nationalists wish want to re-conquer the area.  A map from the past might well be useful in gauging the wishes of Putin for the future.

If this were American politics I might liken the word to a ‘dog-whistle.’



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  1. Alinka permalink
    September 2, 2014 9:31 AM

    Sadly true 😦

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