And Then There Is Republican Senate Candidate Bob Smith

Today the last primaries are being held for the mid-term elections.  In New Hampshire centerfold model Scott Brown is trying to win–and most likely will–the Republican nomination for senate.  One of his opponents has made this race a joke.

(Scott Brown is running) against former New Hampshire Sen. Bob Smith (yes, he’s not the only former senator in the running!) and former New Hampshire state Sen. Jim Rubens. Brown’s primary lead and endorsements from Granite State Sen. Kelly Ayotte and even Mitt Romney has made him the focus since he entered the race, but that hasn’t deterred Smith, who has a 30-year political resume, with several non-traditional stops along the way. Smith served in both the House and Senate, and waged an unsuccessful presidential bid that included leaving the party for a short time. He moved to Florida soon after his 2002 Senate re-election loss and mounted two bids for the GOP Senate nomination from the Sunshine State in 2004 and 2010, both unsuccessfully. Now that he’s back in New Hampshire, Smith is running as the “true conservative” in the race, but it’s not only the fact that he left the GOP that has undermined his claim to that title: In 2004, just before Election Day, he endorsed John Kerry over George W. Bush. Either way, he said this is the likely end to his 30-year political resume.

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