Diego’s Mexican Bistro Disappoints On State Street In Madison

What a difference a week makes when it comes to Diego’s Mexican Bistro on State Street in Madison.  There will not be a need to return for another experience.

We decided to have a late dinner tonight at Diego’s, arriving a little after 8:00 P.M.   We have eaten many times at this restaurant and found their menu to be varied and offering authentic and very well prepared Mexican food.  In fact over the months this place was a standout choice that we had recommended to others.  Each time we had visited we could not wait to return.  It was that good.

Until tonight.

When presented with the menu we found it half of what it had been, with most of all the things that had made the restaurant special removed.  I asked a host who was seating us if things had changed and she looked me in the eye and stated this menu was the same one that they always had used.  Since we had eaten at Diego’s as recently as last Tuesday at the same time I told her she was wrong.   She then went to talk with her manager and upon returning told me that the new menus started being used today.    No apology for lying or not knowing what she was talking about in the first place.

After we ordered our food we waited for the complimentary chips and salsa that always came to our table before the food.    After many minutes we asked a waiter where the chips were and were informed they now are not free and would be an additional cost.  There was no seeming recognition on the part of the waiter that perhaps the change was noticeable on the faces of those he was serving, and he offered no explanation.

What was most unfortunate, and why we will never return, was when the food was brought to our table it tasted tonight like the same industrialized version of Mexican food that can be found anywhere else.  The special way of preparing it was gone.   It tasted like fast food but not at the fast food price.  What made Diego’s Mexican Bistro once one of our favorite places had simply disappeared almost overnight.

As we sat outside on what was a most remarkable summer night it was also most troubling to see intoxicated patrons at some tables offering cups of margaritas to young people on the street.  They had no idea who they were and in one case referred to a young red-head as ‘ginger’ and beckoned him over.   The young man was amused and took a long slug of the drink and was on his way.  And that was not the only person being served by patrons.  I wonder if Diego’s Mexican Bistro is carding those passersby or if they care what is happening on the sidewalk outside their establishment.  Maybe the ALRC might care.

Simply put, Diego’s Mexican Bistro was a disappointing experience.

One thought on “Diego’s Mexican Bistro Disappoints On State Street In Madison

  1. Solly

    that’s too bad. I liked Frida’s across the street (same owners I think). sounds like a bidness trying to cut costs and instead is cutting its customer base. Was a turnoff when Pascquals charged for their chips and salsa. Francisco’s on East Main is a good bet. Friendly, family owned, good food and inexpensive

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