CommuniTree Hit With Emerald Ash Borer?


For those who live in the Marquette Neighborhood there has been no lack of conversation about the latest art installation to be found on Williamson Street.  While some applaud and praise the artwork, others believe that the end result does not look like the renderings, had cost too much for what it turned out to be, and resembles a toilet brush far more than a tree.

Today someone took their point of view about the artwork to the artwork itself.   Spray painted on the ‘tree’ is a large yellow dot that resembles what the city places on diseased trees to be cut down.

And that is a shame.

There is no place for criminal activity by acting out in such a sophomoric way by adding graffiti.    Whoever did it should have to remove it by rubbing it off with their nose.

And then get a swift kick to the ass.

Enough said.

4 thoughts on “CommuniTree Hit With Emerald Ash Borer?

  1. skip

    Door County Parks is evaluating the ash trees … marking the ‘sick & effected trees’ then culling out 40% of the Ash Population. I’d suggest planting something other than Ash Trees now.

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