What Is Wrong With The Morals Of NFL Football Players Like Adrian Peterson?

I find football to be a rather violent sport, and a waste of time to follow.  When I do become engaged with the sport–and let me say that happens more often than I care to–it takes place due to the low-brow characters that make headlines due to their being pure simpletons.  The list of that type grows by one more this morning.    While this story may not be news to many, thanks to Solly, it is now known to me.

And it irks me.  And this should irk you, too.

After all football players put themselves out in front of the crowd with many young impressionable kids looking for heroes and role-models.   And what do they find?

Adrian Peterson.

Adrian Peterson reportedly has fathered children with at least four different mothers. According to TMZ, the Minnesota Vikings running back has a 3-month old daughter and a 4-year-old son along with his two previously known children. A fifth child, 2-year-old Tyrese Robert Ruffin, passed away last week after allegedly being abused by the boyfriend of the toddler’s mother.

Erica Syion, the mother of one of Adrian Peterson’s kids, now claims the NFL star has seven children, though it’s unclear how many different mothers are involved.

Before this month, the public only knew of two of Adrian Peterson’s children: son Adrian, Jr. and daughter Adeja. TMZ claims both of these children have the same mother, but other reports state that they have different moms. Peterson only recently found out he was Tyrese’s father, and the NFL star met the toddler for the first time while the child was in the hospital on life support.

So let me put this in perspective, and I will be brief as this cretin deserves no more space than a few swift lines will deliver.

Adrian Peterson played football the Sunday after his 2 year old son (who he never knew or supported) died.    This week Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse in North Montgomery County, Texas for beating up another son with a tree branch.
Simply put Adrian Peterson is not a man in any sense of the word other than his baby-making plumbing operates.  More bluntly Peterson is a thug.
Like many others who have followed the slow-moving and ‘only if we have a video of a beating’ actions of the NFL this week concerning the Ray Rice affair, we can only wonder how stern the money-grubbers in the football league will be with Peterson.   A one-game suspension!   Are they kidding us?
To cap off this lunacy I add Peterson reports that he is a God-fearing Christian and does not cotton to any of that unnatural marriage stuff with ‘homos’.

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