Madison City Council Working At Getting High Speed Internet To Low-Income Neighborhoods

Not for the first time do I call attention to, or applaud the work of the Madison City Council when it comes to improving the ability of families living in low-income neighborhoods to have access to high-speed internet service.  We all know the importance of computers and the way they connect us to information and allow for educational pursuits.

That is why I am profoundly pleased that two capital budget amendments are awaiting action for inclusion into the final document this fall.  They are both reminders of the importance at working to improve the lives of those who live in areas where real needs exist.

First Mayor Paul Soglin is proposing to provide fiber-optic connections to community and cultural centers. The connections will allow the centers to gain access to higher speeds of broadband for community member use. Many families, in the areas where these centers are located, do not have access to high-speed broadband. This project would provide a facility, in several low income neighborhoods, where citizens could go to get access to high-speed Internet service.

Second, Scott Resnick has long been a champion of making high-speed internet connections possible for low-income areas of the city so his amendment is not a new idea, but certainly is welcome.  Resnick is the main opponent to Soglin in the upcoming mayoral election

Resnick proposes a feasibility study for a Madison Co-op internet utility  to provide wireless internet services to low income neighborhoods and families.

These are the types of measures that makes Madison part of the solution when it comes to poverty.  Both Soglin and Resnick are to be applauded for their work in this matter.  Governmental action can help to lift those who live in areas where needs exist.  I am quite certain there will be much support for both of these amendments.

3 thoughts on “Madison City Council Working At Getting High Speed Internet To Low-Income Neighborhoods

  1. Solly
  2. Malik

    The need for such service is not in dispute and my family knows this is true. The buzz about the loss of a company who was to make it easier for lower income people to have high speed service does not mean there are not many still looking for it. Fast google search found your post and thanks for writing about our needs. The city needs to stay focused on this need.

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