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Sarah Palin Sat In White Family Limo While Son Track Rips Off His Shirt For Drunken Brawl

October 10, 2014

The family that drinks together…….

A total and complete bunch of hillbillies and many Republicans wanted this white trash near the Oval Office.

The fight took place on the evening of 6 September and involved as many as 20 people, including the former Alaska governor’s husband, Todd, their daughter Bristol, and their son Track.

The family had apparently been out celebrating Todd’s birthday when they decided to go to another party at family friend Korey Klingenmeyer’s house in Anchorage.

The police report, released on Thursday, says that when officers John Daily and Justin Blake arrived at the scene they discovered members of the Palin family walking towards a limousine parked outside.

Track was spotted without his shirt on, sporting a bloody mouth, and there was a “strong odor of alcohol coming from the group”, according to the report.

Track claimed “some guys” at the party had been rude to his sisters and made them cry. The family decided to leave, he said, but as they were walking away one of the “guys” sucker-punched his friend Steven from behind and knocked him to the ground.

It was at that point, Track said, that he confronted one of them and took his shirt off to fight him, and it quickly escalated from there, with numerous people reportedly attacking him.

Track said that at one point he ran into woods, where an 18-year-old assaulted him while others held him down, egged on by the teen’s father.

The 23-year-old said her younger sister Willow told her she had been pushed by a woman at the party. When Bristol tried to find out what happened, she said, Klingenmeyer called her a “cunt” and a “slut” and someone dragged her across the lawn by her feet.

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