Ebola Fears Hurting Democratic Candidates

America notices who is ginning up the fear factors over Ebola as we near Election Day.  There is no doubt why the GOP is doing this, and since I have no great faith that the public can wade through this matter and come to the facts on their own means the political tactic is working for the Republicans.  Let us remember that Elizabeth Taylor had more husbands than there have been cases of Ebola in the United States.

With now another American testing positive for Ebola — this time an American doctor in New York who had been treating Ebola patients in Guinea — it’s worth asking: What is the real impact of the political conversation turning, once again, to Ebola? And here’s our answer: It gives Republican candidates another opportunity to nationalize their races. Democrats, as we’ve said before, want to localize their races and paint the portrait that their opponents are too radical… But every day that the conversation is a big national issue — whether it’s Ebola, ISIS, or something else — Democrats lose an opportunity to make their closing argument.

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