Eliot Cutler Asks For Conscience Vote From Mainers In Aim To Help Democrat Mike Michaud

Too little too late?  Time will tell.

But there is no doubt the plump Maine Governor Paul LePage has to be ousted as he has proven over and over to be playing only to the wing-nuts in his party.

Democrats have long believed that if independent Eliot Cutler wasn’t on the ballot, they’d have a great shot at unseating unpopular Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R). Well, Cutler’s not leaving the race. But he’s doing the next best thing for Democratic nominee Mike Michaud: Encouraging supporters to “vote their conscience” and bluntly acknowledging that he is a long shot.

“If you don’t think that I can win, and you want to vote strategically, do that,” Cutler said Wednesday, according to the Bangor Daily News. “But I’d be grateful for your support.”

Cutler’s message is this: I’m not dropping out, but let’s face it, I probably won’t win — so understand that when you cast your ballot. It’s a message that could prompt some supporters to consider voting for Michaud instead.

Polls show Michaud and LePage in a close race, with Cutler running a distant third. Strategists believe Cutler pulls more support from Michaud than he does from LePage, because the two are more closely aligned on issues.

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