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Scott Walker Takes Huge Lead Over Mary Burke In Latest State Poll

October 29, 2014

There was always a gnawing fact that I kept asking my friends about.

When it comes to right-track/wrong-track questioning state voters place the state on the plus side.  So how then is it possible to think voters would throw the incumbent top elected official out of office?

We are getting close to the answer.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker leads Democratic challenger Mary Burke 50% to 43% among likely voters in a new survey by the Marquette University Law School.

That represents a change from other surveys in recent weeks — including Marquette’s previous poll two weeks ago — showing the race essentially tied.

Marquette surveyed 1,164 likely voters from last Thursday through Sunday. The poll has margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The race is much tighter among all registered voters — with Walker leading Burke 46% to 45%.

the shift toward Walker among the most likely voters in the poll reflects a spike in the share of Republicans who say they are certain to vote.

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