Will Republicans Pick Up North Korean Idea Over Ebola?

Those of us who consider science more the route to follow than politicians who are promoting their own cause are 100% behind Kaci Hickox.    What is happening in Maine is simply ridiculous as health officials have asked a court to limit the movements of nurse Hickox, who has rightly defied a voluntary quarantine for medical workers who have treated Ebola patients.   I like safety and precautions as much as everyone else, but I also want science and medial knowledge to guide my actions.

But too many politicians who are playing to the grandstands have allowed themselves to stray from what they know to be the way forward when dealing with this medical matter–especially in a campaign season.  With that in mind comes the news from how North Korea is preparing to handle the matter of Ebola.

One has to wonder if Chris Christie and Paul LePage are taking notes.

North Korean officials plan to quarantine every single foreigner for 21 days over fears of Ebola – even though not a single case of the disease has been reported in the country.

The drastic announcement distributed to foreign diplomatic missions in Pyongyang said that, regardless of country or region of origin, all foreigners would be quarantined under medical observation for three weeks.

It said foreigners from affected areas would be quarantined at one set of locations, while those from unaffected areas would be sent to other locations, including hotels.

It said the staff of diplomatic missions and international organizations in North Korea would be allowed to stay in their residences.

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