And President Obama Is A Socialist?

Consider one paragraph—I have been reading lots of stuff today.

In fact you could argue Nixon was to the left of Obama. Imagine if Obama instituted wage and price controls as Nixon did. Imagine he created a vast new federal bureaucracy and handed it to radical environmentalists. Nixon did. It’s called the Environmental Protection Agency. Imagine if he got tens of thousands of Americans killed fighting a war he inherited from his predecessor.

I would add another parallel to Nixon. Nixon was famous for using social issues to create the impression he was a conservative. Obama uses social issues to create the impression he’s a liberal. That sort of thing fires up the boobs, but it has little to do with actually running the country.

When it comes to issues that really do matter, the Republicans are in a state of denial. Take Obamacare. The individual mandate originated with the conservative Heritage Foundation and became the linchpin of the system Mitt Romney instituted as governor of Massachusetts.

Republicans thought that was a great system – until Obama cloned it and called it Obamacare.

One thought on “And President Obama Is A Socialist?

  1. Mark E. Bye

    Well, HE didn’t call it “Obamacare”. The opposition did in order to make it sound like socialism, and make it easier to tie Obama to it if/when it failed.

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