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Question For The Day Following Mid-Term Elections

November 5, 2014

How soon before the conservative base of the GOP start sniping at the establishment wing of the party and the leadership of McConnell who is one to strike bargains? Everything looks nice in the glow of election victories until the cooks gather in the kitchen……

For those who have followed politics for decades please note we have been here before and know that things always look far different months after the votes are counted. This will be worth watching.

If I can also pose a second question it would be what can the conservatives do to fix the demographic problem that plagues–and will only continually do so–their party when it comes to presidential elections.

  1. November 5, 2014 3:15 PM

    I mostly agree with your comment. I would just add in a twist on your last line that it is the Republican congress that now must show it can govern and how they change tone from obstruction to proven leadership.

  2. tom permalink
    November 5, 2014 3:00 PM

    I would agree that ideas played too little a role in this mid-term which pretty much just followed historical trends–the President’s party getting a whooping. It is also fair to point out that all Republicans have is an opportunity.

    Still, this does change the dynamic significantly on both the statewide and national views. Here in Wisconsin, Conservative Republicans maintain control of government and can continue to implement their agenda. While I cringe at the thought of going through the whole common core thing again, I think that if they can continue to provide stable fiscal leadership voters will continue to approve. There are a lot of 60% issues out there for them to coast on. Democrats, on the other hand, have to first consider why it was that Wisconsinites twice rejected the anti-Walker message. What else do they have? War on women? They will need to craft their own set of positive ideas and policies before the next election cycle. The old attack tropes and memes are running thin these days.

    Nationally, this is a chance for Obama to demonstrate real leadership skills. He should look at this as the chance he has been waiting for to remake himself and his image. Democrats need him to make some progress with Republicans or the public is going to get very upset when the last two years become a train of vetoes and executive actions. The good old days when the Senate wouldn’t vote on anything are over. If I were Obama, I would look for some quick success to show how his leadership can change the tone.

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