Letter From Home: “‘Uncle’ Gregory With Twins Lincoln And Leopold” 11/15/14

There are those times when all is right with the world.  Such was the case again last weekend when James and I had time to be with great friends.  Add in the mix twin boys who love to eat new foods and explore the ever-widening world around them and it was a real special afternoon.

It does a person good to slow way down and attempt to see the wonder of the world as viewed from the eyes of those who are just starting to figure out all that exists around them.  Across the street from where we sat a large blondish-colored dog ran about and held the eyes of the youngsters.  As soon as it came into view their eyes turned and watched keenly.

When a vacuum cleaner started in another room of their home a look of  uncertainty came over their face and almost the first signs of a cry was about to start.  But with a quick song from my lips and a couple high lifts in the air with Leopold it was soon made clear there was nothing to worry about.

My Mom always sang and hummed when she vacuumed, even in her 7th decade.  As the story goes it all started when her children were young and as the housework needed to done she found that singing and making it all seem like fun calmed anyone who might be frightened by the noise.

For the longest time both boys were absolutely content to be held and rocked about.  The favorite play toy for a time was the sticky “I Voted” sticker from the recent election which I had not removed from my jacket.  One would pull it off–I would press it back on–and little fingers would work again to remove it—only to have it replaced.  The sticky nature of it as it tugged on their fingers seemed so impressive to them.

While other babies always seem eager to touch and smear eye-glasses I never once had to deal with that as they both seemed far more interested in the blue buttons on my sweater.

The world remains with far more questions than answers at my age.  As it does for all of us.  So it is just remarkable to sit and watch young minds start to explore and begin the process of figuring out the things we can get a handle on in this world.

Like colored buttons are more fun than the plain ones.

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