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Guantanamo Bay Prison Remains A Stain On United States

January 12, 2015

One of the first goals that President Obama worked on when becoming the leader of this nation was to shutter the doors of Guantanamo Bay prison.  As he enters the final two years of his presidency the work continues to achieve that need, and for the very same reasons.  That we are still mucking around in this mess is due to spineless members of congress from both parties who have placed partisanship over national needs.

Over the years it has been most sad to witness the lack of understanding among members of congress to the fact that Gitmo is a recruiting tool.  To witness the fear-baiting about placing prisoners on U.S. soil is about the lamest argument that I have heard since…well…’there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.”

In November 2008 I wrote the following.

I think it essential that Guantanamo Bay be closed.  This was one of the most dreadful examples of presidential over-reach by George Bush, and ranks among the worst in modern history.  Guantanamo Bay cast a black eye on America that was seen and understood by all around the world.   The base holds roughly 260 prisoners, and there needs to be a process put in place that will allow the closure of this base.  As many have noted this place is a gift that keeps on giving to those who wish to use it as recruiting tool among radical elements in the Middle East.  It has done us no good, and only brought shame.

Every word still resonates.  More and more people are stepping in and making the case as to why international norms need to be applied to this situation.  The latest was this weekend when Gen. Martin Dempsey, Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, told host Chris Wallace on  “Fox News Sunday” the nation should close Guantanamo Bay prison

“I’ve been in the group that believes it’s in our national interest to close Guantanamo,” he said. “It does create a psychological scar on our national values. Whether it should or not, it does.” 

We all recognize America’s reputation in the world is very important for a wide variety of reasons.  We agree that a continuation of nurturing respect for American leadership around the world serves us well.   Therefore closing Guantanamo is essential as this place has rightfully earned us the scorn and anger from the world community.  If we keep it open, we deserve the outcome.

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