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Chris Christie Likes To Live High On Someone Else’s Dime

February 3, 2015

This is just another hurdle to jump–and that is no easy feat–for Chris Christie.

As Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey waited to depart on a trade mission to Israel in 2012, his entourage was delayed by a late arrival: Mr. Christie’s father, who had accidentally headed to the wrong airport.

A commercial flight might have left without him, but in this case, there was no rush. The private plane, on which Mr. Christie had his own bedroom, had been lent by Sheldon G. Adelson, the billionaire casino owner and supporter of Israel. At the time, he was opposing legislation then before the governor to legalize online gambling in New Jersey.

Mr. Christie loaded the plane with his wife, three of his four children, his mother-in-law, his father and stepmother, four staff members, his former law partner and a state trooper.

King Abdullah of Jordan picked up the tab for a Christie family weekend at the end of the trip. The governor and two staff members who accompanied him came back to New Jersey bubbling that they had celebrated with Bono, the lead singer of U2, at three parties, two at the king’s residence, the other a Champagne reception in the desert. But a small knot of aides fretted: The rooms in luxurious Kempinski hotels had cost about $30,000; what would happen if that became public?

The governor, a Republican now preparing a run for president, shot to national prominence as a cheese-steak-on-the-boardwalk Everyman who bluntly preached transparency and austerity as the antidote to bloated state budgets. But throughout his career in public service, Mr. Christie has indulged a taste that runs more toward Champagne at the Four Seasons.

He has also quietly let others pay the bills.


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  1. February 3, 2015 6:22 PM

    I wonder of Wisconsin’s governor has the same ability to tap into others’ deep financial pockets. It’s not like the Walker Administration has been particularly transparent. And let’s not forget — Walker would rather financially gut the UW System and give a big financial “gift” to the Milwaukee Bucks — after he received substantial financial contributions from the new owners. At the very least, it would be nice to know what the prices are these days for various favors from conservative Tea-publicans who want to bust the chops of the poor and the unemployed by making them take drug tests but who know how to indulge their own penchants for living large on someone else’s tab.

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