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Give Lip-Service To Conservatives And Then Just Fund Department Of Homeland Security

February 3, 2015

The first political quagmire in this session of congress has come to the surface that forces the grown-ups in Washington to act–well–like grown-ups.

All can applaud Senate Democrats casting votes to block Republicans from taking up a bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security but roll back the President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration.  But in so doing it has created a dust-up with the knuckle-dragging House.

The House who prides itself on pro-family initiatives passed legislation that would fund the department through the fiscal year but would revoke legal protections for as many as five million undocumented immigrants, including children!

That is not going to fly through President Obama’s White House, and logic dictates that it should not go anywhere but into the trash bin.

So how can congress work to make sure the departmental funding is in place by the deadline at the end of the month, and also do something to stop the pecker-heads in the House from making chaos?

Speaker John Boehner can simply pay lip-service to his rabid Tea Party members by telling them he will litigate the matter over the president’s use of executive power.   That way there is no real threat to presidential authority with such a tactic, and the department is funded, immigration policy is not undermined, and the political needs of all those who understand the voting demographics in this country are met.

Take my advice, Mr. Speaker.  And then call me in the morning.

I will then tell you about a skin cream you might want to check out.

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