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Real Reason Wisconsin Republicans Pushed Tax Cuts

February 3, 2015

As we await Governor Scott Walker’s budget address later today it comes as no surprise that Wisconsin is in a real fiscal mess.  After all what other outcome could there be than a huge budget deficit when legislative Republicans promoted and Walker signed into law tax cuts over and over during the past four years in such a giddy and ill-considered fashion.  Make no mistake about why this state now faces painful decisions about our finances.   The reason for all to see is right there in our rearview mirror.

But no one should think this was just a simple series of blunders by elected officials.  No one should just chalk the budget mess up to leaders in state government coming to wrong conclusions after reading economic data about future growth.

I have long argued that the tax cut policy from some in the GOP is more about starving other programs the needed funding they require than it is about putting money back into the hands of the people.   The disdain for government from the Republicans is best show-cased when they argue for less monies to be appropriated for programs that will actually help the voters back home.  The assault on government via the tax cut route is one that too many voters have aided at election time, even though the result ends up biting them.

What is being proposed for the UW-System is simply the latest example of the chicanery that the GOP is using against an institution they have issues with when it comes to budgeting.  Pushing for a $300 million cut at the same time as not allowing for a tuition increase is aimed to not only undermine one of the finest educational centers in the nation, but also to show continuing disdain to public employees.

Using the budget’s red ink–which the Republican leadership in the statehouse created–to further their main goal of shrinking government is simply galling.  But that is exactly what is happening.  After Governor Walker releases his budget later today there will be a raft of more programs–and people–who will be adversely impacted from the tax cutting fever over the past four years.

We were told in 2010 that Walker was someone who knew how to fix the budget deficit, end overly cumbersome regulations, and create jobs.   But at every turn the economic news and fiscal headlines point to errors in his judgment and an over-reliance on conservative rhetoric in the guise of competency.  Playing to the tax cutting method of downsizing government has allowed all of us to see him as he truly is.  There is nothing noble about his calling to be a public servant.

Once again this state is going to feel the harsh reality of Republican zeal to undermine government by cutting and shrinking programs that directly benefit the people.  The only thing we are not yet aware of is if there will be another tax cut in the upcoming budget of some sort so this insanity can continue.

No one can tell me there will not be many gleeful Republicans in the chamber listening to Walker today who love nothing more than to curse ‘that darn red ink’ in public and yet privately plot how to chop public programs.

It is after all the real reason the tax cuts were passed in the first place.

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