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Columba Bush’s Spending Habits Not Germane

February 23, 2015

I am taken aback by the press account of how Columba Bush, Jeb Bush’s wife, made large purchases of this and that while in Paris in 1999.  I find it not important to know how much her jewelry purchase in one day amounted to, as I do not see it as being germane to the issue of her husband running for president.

The shopping trips that First Lady Mrs. Lincoln took in the 1860’s and the bills she piled up make for interesting parts of the larger story of the Lincoln Administration.  But her shopping trips did not alter the steadfastness that President Lincoln used when striving to save the union and win the war.

We all know the Bush family is wealthy.  That is not news, nor should the fact they spend money be earthshaking.    How Jeb Bush views policy and personally uses his resources is where the tire meets the road. That is fair to report and consider.  But what Columba Bush does with her money is simply not worthy of press attention.

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