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Kathleen Parker Gives Her View Of Scott Walker “Only A Fool”

February 24, 2015

It could not be stated more clearly.

The first summoned to the interrogatory was Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, for whom the dinner was intended when Mr. Giuliani stole the show. Mr. Walker has been asked repeatedly whether he thinks Mr. Obama loves America, an idiotic question that only a fool would answer except to say, “Absolutely!”

Instead, Mr. Walker grabbed a shovel and starting digging a hole right next to Mr. Giuliani’s. Though he first replied that he didn’t feel he needed to comment on Mr. Giuliani’s comments, he later said he doesn’t know if Mr. Obama is a Christian.

Well, of course he doesn’t “know,” but everyone knows what Mr. Obama has said. He’s a Christian. I’m no less inclined to believe the president when he says he’s a Christian than I am to believe Mr. Walker when he says he’s one. If either man is a fake Christian, he has plenty of company, the fact of which makes very little difference to most Americans.

This is all politics, in other words, and Republican candidates need to get smarter. Litmus tests will keep coming their way, and anyone seriously considering running for president needs to know what he thinks before he’s asked. When the camera is running is no time to share one’s deliberations.

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