A Memory Of Leonard Nimoy

My Tri-County School came to mind today upon hearing the news that Leonard Nimoy died. I loved to watch the re-runs of Star Trek and always found Spock to be a powerfully engaging character. Who could not love the ‘Vulcan nerve pinch?

I was friends with Martin Pionke who was always good-natured and Lord only knows why he let me try over and over the pinch on him when he least expected it during a period of our grade school years. It was just a crazy memory that came to mind upon hearing the news today.  I have long ago lost contact with Martin but perhaps tonight he too is thinking about sitting in the library of the old school in Hancock and being a part of the side-effects of watching too much Star Trek.

2 thoughts on “A Memory Of Leonard Nimoy

  1. It does seem so long ago and yet I can see the halls and teacher’s faces and so much from what once was—but yes, so long ago. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a nice weekend.

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