Note About Comments To This Blog

Today there has been a greater number of hits to this blog than normal, many of them hitting my post about Scott Walker’s son.   While I love political debate and welcome feedback–pro or con–on this or any other topic there is one ground rule readers who wish to comment must follow.

If you write something that would not make the pages of a newspaper’s Op-Ed pages because of the cursing or just raunchy low-life style of writing you also will not get it posted on Caffeinated Politics.  This has been the foundation from the start of this blog.

I understand that conservatives feel they have nowhere to run where there are not awful headlines to greet them.  But it does not make their case any better when they write like a pre-pubescent sixth grader on a snit with scatological issues.

It may make the writer feel good for a moment, but unless it is written like an adult there is no way such comments appear on this blog.

Enough said.

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