Caffeinated Politics Takes Another Step Into 21st Century

I was laughing with Aunt Lorene over lunch a couple weeks ago over the fact she knows how to text on her cell phone and except for long vacations James and I never even activate our phone.   I would not know how to even start sending a text or seeking or applying an app.  The running joke in our home is when a technology question needs an answer we go outside and wait for the first 10-year-old kid to pass on our sidewalk to get the answer.

I blog, create You Tube videos, convert VHS to DVD, and know how to set up quad speakers for the entertainment system.  So I am not living in the era of the Flintstones.  But having said that I also admit to having no idea how to make a cell phone or pads or such gadgets do all that I see others performing with their eyes closed.   I have no desire to be connected to a phone or pretend that every call is the most important of the day.  I still play phonograph albums, read print newspapers, listen to Wisconsin Public Radio on the AM band, and only have a land-line phone.

But today I did take a step forward that will make it easier for my readers to deal with content on this blog.  I have added an array of share buttons for a variety of social media which will appear on each post.    To be honest I had never even thought about these buttons as being important to this blog as I never interact with this type of thing in my own daily life.  But it has come to my attention they would be handy and useful for my readers, and for that reason they will now appear on this site.

While I have taken this step I want to be on record as still vowing to never get an electronic reader!

Thanks to all my readers visiting this site on the information highway, and have a nice weekend.

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