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Americans Want Their President To Have College Degree

March 2, 2015

Not the first time does the topic of a president needing a college degree make for a post on this blog.

-Americans want their President to have a college degree. Whether that’s actually going to hurt Scott Walker’s chances at the White House or not remains to be seen though. We find that 62% of voters think it’s important for the President to have a degree, compared to only 31% who think it doesn’t matter. There’s a large partisan divide on the issue- Democrats by an 81/14 spread think it’s important while Republicans are evenly divided on the matter at 45%.

When it comes to whether this is actually an issue people are going to vote on though, only 38% say they’re less likely to vote for a Presidential candidate who doesn’t have a degree compared to 57% who either say it doesn’t matter or that they’d actually be more likely to vote for a hopeful who didn’t have one. And beyond that it’s hard to imagine too many voters who find Scott Walker otherwise appealing saying his lack of a college degree is a deal breaker. But at least theoretically the 62% of voters who think it’s important could be an issue for him.

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