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Embarrassing Defeat Coming For Congressional Republicans Over Funding DHS

March 2, 2015

There is just no way a good ending is coming for congressional Republicans who have boxed themselves in with hyper-partisanship concerning funding for homeland security  Only last fall the GOP was telling America that if they had the chance to control all of congress the deadlock would end and the national priorities that needed to be attended to would be dealt with in a fashion the country would be proud to watch unfold.

While I readily admit to being hooked on the political drama that took place last week, and am ready for another week of political back-and-forth as some highly conservative House members continue their rebellion against Speaker Boehner, I am also fully aware that none of this is what makes for a winning hand for Republicans in 2016.   At some point there will need to be a clean funding bill presented and it will have to be passed.

Which leads one to think of the words from General Colin Powell who always advocated having an exit plan for any mission.  Clearly when the Republicans started on this crazed mission last year to deal with homeland security funding separately from the rest of the budget, and thought they would be able to exert something from the process they should have been more self-aware.  Such a move was doomed to be a messy and bad public-relations matter from the start.

Conservatives have not disappointed us by providing lots of theatre.   It makes for a great show for us politicos, but does not please the vast majority of the nation who watches to see if the important work of the nation, when in the hands of Republicans, can be handled in a competent fashion.   The answer is clearly that is not happening.

This week the final act on DHS funding will likely fall on this play and the outcome will be plain for all to see.  Just one more embarrassing defeat for congressional Republicans who tried to stop government from working for the people.

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