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House Conservatives Take Hit In Wall Street Journal Editorial

March 2, 2015

Following what I posted earlier today about my views of congressional Republicans about to experience an embarrassing defeat comes the lead editorial from The Wall Street Journal which I read minutes ago.  From the left and the right there is no place for the harsh conservatives in congress to hide.

The immigration fiasco raises the larger question of whether House Republicans can even function as a majority. Some backbenchers are whispering that they’ll work with Democrats to oust Mr. Boehner as Speaker if he doesn’t follow their shutdown strategy. Some are also plotting to take down a procedural rule, which would mean handing control to Democrats.

Mr. Boehner has made mistakes, one of which is bending too much to the shutdown caucus. But let’s say the no-compromise crowd did succeed in humiliating the Speaker, and he resigned. What then? Whom do coup plotters want to put in charge?

Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan has support across the House GOP, but why would he want to run a majority that is hostage to the whim of 50 Members who care more about appeasing talk radio than achieving conservative victories?

Republicans need to do some soul searching about the purpose of a Congressional majority, including whether they even want it. If they really think Mr. Boehner is the problem, then find someone else to do his thankless job. If not, then start to impose some order and discipline and advance the conservative cause rather than self-defeating rebellion.

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  1. Solly permalink
    March 3, 2015 3:34 PM

    I watched the House debate on final passage this afternoon (yeah, I know, get a life). It was three sided, not the usual two. Dems, Reps and Teabaggers. The Dems reserved their time, and let the Reps and Tbaggers duke it out. What I learned from the teabaggers: the Senate filibuster rules are awful and impede responsible legislating………um, where were you the last 6 years numbnuts? 2) a federal court has ruled against B.O.’s executive action on immigration – case closed, it’s unconstitutional, Obama should accept that. So, Mr. Teabagger congressman, is that what you said when the first federal court ruled against same-sex marriage bans? Or, the first 20 courts. “Oh, we should just accept it.” 3) a Florida teabagger was shedding crocodile tears about his friend who has had bad luck, and needs a job, and he told him now he has to compete against the “illegals” Gee, I think if his friend wanted a job picking tomatoes in the sun for 12 hours, or washing dishes in the back of a Florida restaurant, he could get a job, probably a Right-to-Work for less job. 4) after bitching about the senate rules, the house held a “15 minute vote” that took about 35 minutes. Reminded me of Tom “the Hammer” Delay and his 4 hour overnight votes until he twisted enough arms to win. Finally, the Dems provided the vast majority of votes to pass, and proved once again that they are inept. They should have voted present until the last few minutes, and put the repugnant weasels on the line to provide more votes. As it was, R yes votes went down after the majority was reached. Supposedly, Boehner had 60 teabaggers against it, but there were 150 no R votes. One thing you have to give the repugnants in DC and Madison credit for, they know how to use power.

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