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Some Things Ending in Madison, Others Beginning

March 7, 2015

With temperatures in the mid to upper-40’s today James and I took a long walk all over the neighborhood.   It is a day when everyone seems to be outside to enjoy the weather and also to talk with neighbors and residents about the shooting death last night of a 19-year-old black man by a Madison police officer.  Somewhere between the end of winter and the start of spring,  between the hope a young person must have had about the start of adulthood and the stark reality of what is now a major event in the life of this city comes a few photos.

There is only a short time to enjoy the wintertime events that must have brought lots of smiles and laughter on this homemade ice rink on Lake Monona.  Within days this will be a sloppy mess and in a few weeks one will hear the lapping of the waves where ice blades once skimmed along.


Meanwhile work continues on a development project I strongly applaud on East Washington which will bring 14 stories of dynamic energy to this area, including new housing and new merchants.  I am most pleased that a large grocery is to be operating later this year at this spot.  This is where such height and density should be located.


Meanwhile there were many police on the site of last night’s shooting on Williamson Street.  At mid-afternoon roughly 200 people gathered to offer their feelings about the situation and vent some anger over the loss of life.



I am one of those people who likes to square off events and make them sensible, but with sunshine and no clouds to be found in the sky there was just no way not to feel severely inadequate to the task of reasoning this one out today.



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