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Server For Hillary Clinton Emails Must Be Turned Over To State Department

March 10, 2015

I have kept my powder dry on the Hillary Clinton email mess for the past 10 days since the story broke on the front page of The New York Times.  It seems to me this is one of those ‘you-have-to-be-kidding me moments’ due to the total lack of awareness as to why a separate server outside the State Department system could be vulnerable to attacks, how such action did not match with the law, and also how the matter would feed into an unfavorable political narrative once the news of it became public.

The fact I like to read books written by historians who dig into the papers of past officials so to better understand the working of government and how policy is shaped is predicated  on officials making sure that documents are preserved and made available for the citizenry to view.   For a secretary of state to self-select 50,000 pages or 80,000 pages or any other number and pretend that meets the law or the spirit of the law is simply not acceptable.

So what needs to be done at this point?

There is nothing short of Hillary Clinton turning over her entire server to the State Department and allowing for every single email to be reviewed and stored in the manner that matches the law and needs of the department.

The level of secrecy Bill and Hillary employ is not news.  They have been doing these type of things their entire career in politics.  But that does not make it proper, lawful, ethical, or needing to be accepted by the citizenry.

Whoever suggested the move to keep the emails on a separate server made a dreadful mistake.  It makes any opening bid for the White House by Hillary not a pleasing way for the average voter to warm to her candidacy.

Not only does Hillary need to answer many questions–and not political gotcha type questions–but sincere ones from folks such as myself who care about the process of government but she also must turn over the server and all the emails.

Nothing short of that will be acceptable.

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